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Play-Force 2A03

2017-09-19 12:05:38 by Advertise-Play

My spaceship Famicom soundtrack has just came out and can be played/purchased via Bandcamp

Some of the best songs you can listen to on newground as well under my audio section!


Remember! We make video game music for war games so we could use them to buy real war equipment so we could destroy your cities, or at least these who aren't our fans and doesn't like to support us! We need funding for the war and it's victims it brings so keep supporting Advertise Play!

Enjoy the soundtrack, I made what I was capable and maybe I might be able to make excessive additions to it when I be at the best mood possible for this. Usually I must be high to create the good section of my creations!


Buy Bye!

2014-12-07 05:01:56 by Advertise-Play

Advertise Play likes money.
With money you can buy bombs and weapons. And with great weapons comes great war. You can help us attack the world center of NY again or destroy Dubai's commerce or wipe out Israel completely out of the map and help us hide in a bunker... Maybe we can land another big kid and fat man on Japan and one of it's islands perhaps?


We need to destroy our enemies, The humans and their leading nation M'urica and bombs cost money.
Therefore, We opened a store for some of our games to be purchased for a 1$ each:

These, are full & upgraded versions of stuff we uploaded here for you to try and check. You didn't loved them back then, but we make sure after you purchase that you won't hate our games ever again because you and your friends will be dead!



Here are the snaps for the wonder! Pay us 1$ for each and you can forget your friends! FOR REAL!

Horray to war! =D

Check out my music! It Sucks! =)

2014-07-17 12:59:07 by Advertise-Play

I just found that my music really suck! So... >=)

Just wanted to make your ears bleed!
Enjoy these latest insane low level artworks! - Wacky Races Boss Theme - Gradious Rangers - Rooftop Run Chiptune - Aircrafts & Dinoforce - Sia Xenomix

Love ya! Advertise-Play


Nyan-Nyan! (Again)

2011-06-17 11:42:40 by Advertise-Play

I was fooling again with these popular music songs and made this Nyan-Nyan/Bisuit Cat tribute you can find here:

I also add another Flash in a series of funny cartoons related to some crazy shizz called Goorginals, it was something I was obsessed about since I was on the "elementary"... Now I could just sit and joke about it with these ones:
Barbapapa's Tongue
Bon Apetit' II
Meanie Milkman
Pesky Pesticator - The Newest in the series

As you must notice, they are in Hebrew, but luckily I included subtitles for you so enjoy...!
If you want, then you can be nice and tell me your opinion!, Feel free to PM, comment, review, hunt pandas or whatever! Any veggie will count! =)

Nyan-Nyan! (Again)

Blessing Shellshock

2011-02-22 00:05:42 by Advertise-Play

I've Just uploaded a flash version of Bubble Girl 2 (Wendy II) and I expect to make a decent achieve here.
This episode has 60 levels compared to 45 levels in the former. Here is a basic excuse to kill abit of your time by playing the sexy Bubble Girl.

Also, Again, if you wish to support me and my beloved friends, please consider to download or purchase one of my music albums at:

As I am inlove with someone that is pretty similar to the character in this game only is flat breasted and a bit darker in skin... She is kinda low on money and sometimes need support. Your purchase will help me to buy her and her mother some grocery if they ever left without... See, they are like small children there and sometime they must have a more responsible guy on their side... I never ever believed that I'll had a chance to hold someone like "Project Wendy" in my arms... This woman is hot... Only if she could be more responsible and smoke less... Her name? Well, both of us kinda decided to identify her as "Blessing Shellshock" as blessing is her mystical privet name. Please let me support her and other poor people also as Gaians by checking out my albums as well! Even if she tend to smoke often, I still have people on my side that doesn't, and they do need support so thank you.

Blessing Shellshock

Adplay's recent activity in the past 2 weeks

2010-12-29 10:01:32 by Advertise-Play

Last 2 week was abit more intense for Advertise-Play.
I created about 4 different animations as one of them is a sort of a "sex toy" jerking off.

What we lately present for you is:
Superstar - A funny music loop featuring Wendy and her Monster Nemesis
MilkWave Masturbation - This one's naughty... It was also favorated by many due to it's rude & funny style XD
M.I.A - Basically, I expressed everything I had in mind when I hear that song, It may sound I'm autistic and without critics I could consider this way of thinking as a gift from heaven.
Ijustine - Unlike M.I.A's paper planes, it is almost an ident copy to the original, only as animation... Well, No. and mostly because Justine Ezarik doesn't have such big boobies XD.

The last thing for you is a second attempt to upload Racist Shorts. This time under a more strict classification of Mature/Adult content.

In advance I apologise if I cause any trouble on newground. I won't upload it again if I see it is getting removed for a reason it is too rude or offensive for the users. Either ways I wasn't fully serious when I made these shorts.

Anyway, this was a fun week to do my stuff, and I made sure take lower dose of a psychiatric medication that I am forced to take due to bad temper, and since I'm on a much lower dose it has been possible to me to put more effort on work... And yes, I am not an artist... I'm a provocator and I enjoy ruin this world.

May you all be at peace!

Adplay's recent activity in the past 2 weeks

Just Foolin' Around!

2010-12-18 23:18:43 by Advertise-Play

I was just fooling around animating!
Check out the loop I made for Superstar by toy box! It's for everyone but you can still cum if you want! =D

I would also like you to take a moment and check my bandcamp page including two crazy albums I made back then in 2004-2007!

Your download or purchase will help me to support myself and these I care about! <3


Just Foolin' Around!

Enjoy Wendy's game! =)

2010-11-07 07:37:58 by Advertise-Play

Advertise Play made this simple game for you to enjoy, as we try to gain profit from Mochi-Media as well.

The game is a platform game that contains 40 levels and 3 bosses.
You can stun enemies with bubbles and then kick them out of the screen

Please enjoy this, and the little end animation that is attached to this post! Enjoy =)

Enjoy Wendy's game! =)

Well! You blew the whistle! Tell me if you got any level up for your kind gesture! =\

Advertise Play should be ashamed to present you racist shorts...
4 short cartoons about fowl stuff and racism.

I had these days I felt that I hate the whole world, and I thought that the world deserve to suffer a bit of my bitter tongue... This is when you have everyone on the net so politically correct all the time. May the fuck off...

If you don't like it, blow the whistle! I dare you!

Racist Shorts from Advertise Play!